sutta nipata 92


Here you find contributions to original buddhism and a choice of discourses of the historical Buddha Gautama – as they are phrased in the oldest survived buddhist canon of "theravādins" – thoroughly new translated in consideration of the existing international works in this field and especially in consideration of the indian-vedic environment of the Buddha.

The collection of those passed down discourses was carried out by the monks, who as disciplies gathered around the Enlightened One.
They already used in his time and according to his own advice to memorize his teachings, to recite them each other and to contemplate upon.
After decease of the Buddha, those discourses and rules were compiled and canonized at the First Council by the remained monks, headed by Buddha's most experienced disciple Mahākāśyapa, together with master's long time personal attendant Ānanda.

The scholastic Abhidharma texts and traditional commentaries – being more divisive and debatable – are not or merely less considered here.

Available hyperlinks are marked orange. Place names and proper names are rendered in Sanskrit since that linguistic form is more comprehensive.

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